2018 Liz Hurley Ribbon Run

Team McAdams

We have been so very blessed since my breast cancer diagnosis six years ago. Blessed that it was caught early, blessed that my three surgeries were successful, blessed that I didn't need chemo and radiation, blessed that my body could tolerate the hormone blockers for the full five years, blessed that I didn't have the genes that would mean it was hereditary, blessed that I am now past the five year mark where I am considered in remission! Blessed that I was here to become a Grandmother three times over! Blessed that I was here to see Trey and Courtney graduate from Alabama. Blessed that I was here to see Courtney and Chase graduate from Grad school and then get married a month later. Blessed to see Trey, King Arthur, complete the AT.  I could go on and on. I think GOD daily for His blessings!!!

Over the 2012-2017 Ribbon Runs, Team McAdams has won 5 top team fundraising spots, 5 largest team awards, and 5 individual fundraising awards, and, more importantly, has raised over $88,000 to support this phenomenal cause. In celebration of us being blessed in so many ways since my diagnosis, we are working to push our all-time Ribbon Run Team McAdams total to $100,000 by raising over $12,000 this year and having 125 registered team members.

I hope you’ll join us in supporting this wonderful cause… either by participating in the run/walk, or by making a donation. Every penny raised stays here in the area and goes towards the fight against breast cancer!!  Let's do this!!! Thank you so much!!

Team McAdams - Join Team Raised
$250 Milestone Annette McAdams $775.00
Jan Backer $50.00
Dan Beck $25.00
Dana Beck $25.00
Jackie Beck $25.00
Stephen Beck $30.00
Howard Blevins $25.00
Marlene Blevins $25.00
Laura Bolan $25.00
Aurora Braun $30.00
Caroline Brennan $30.00
Rosemary Brennan $30.00
Chase Brown $75.00
Brett Bryson $25.00
Kayla Bryson $25.00
Maryse Buck $25.00
Jackie Cantrell $25.00
Crystal Carrasquillo $25.00
kristi collins $25.00
Rebecca Conway $25.00
David Cox $75.00
Phyllis Cox $25.00
Taylor Daniel $25.00
Jackie de Jesus $45.00
Rebecca Dorscher $30.00
$250 Milestone Jeanette Duke $525.00
Randy Duke $35.00
Bobby Elrod $25.00
Shelly Elrod $25.00
Linda Forsberg $30.00
David Fry $25.00
Linda Fry $25.00
Matt Fry $25.00
Vita Gray $25.00
Sheree Harness $30.00
Ben Hayes $25.00
Gena Hayes $25.00
Adele Hernandez $25.00
Marshall Hernandez $25.00
Nicole Hicks $25.00
Andrew Highfield $25.00
Carol Highfield $25.00
Tom Highfield $25.00
Ben Holt $25.00
Diane Imken $30.00
Diana Jean $25.00
Lisa Kelly $30.00
Charles Kennedy $30.00
Jamie Kubik $25.00
Ken Kubik $25.00
Liv Larsen $25.00
Sarah Larsen $25.00
Laura Lemley $25.00
Luke Lemley $25.00
Courtney McAdams Brown $35.00
$250 Milestone Rich McAdams $1,720.00
Trey McAdams $50.00
Vicki McKee $25.00
Monique Meinert $25.00
Anna Moore $25.00
Donald MORGAN $30.00
Calen Neal $25.00
Deven Neal $25.00
Crystal O'Neal $25.00
Donna Palumbo $25.00
MaryBeth Pendley $25.00
Robert Pendley $25.00
Spencer Pendley $25.00
$250 Milestone Robert Pittman $430.00
Todd Powers $25.00
Jonathan Ruh $30.00
Ramona Ruh $30.00
Walter Ruh $30.00
Brittney Saffell $25.00
Riley Saffell $25.00
Ryan Saffell $25.00
$100 Milestone Mike Switzer $130.00
Heather Tate $25.00
Jim Taylor $50.00
Stephanie Taylor $25.00
Cheryl Thomas $30.00
Steve Thomas $30.00
Erin Wright $25.00
Ken Wright $50.00
Peggy Wright $50.00
Team Gifts $220.00
Denotes a Team Captain