2017 Liz Hurley Ribbon Run

CFDRC Perky Pirates

 Welcome to our Team Page! Almost everyone has been touched by breast cancer in some way, so we've decided to make a difference by running / walking and raising money for our local breast cancer event the annual Liz Hurley Ribbon Run. 


By joining together we can make a difference in the fight against Breast Cancer and honor all women whose lives have been touched by this disease.

This cause is very important to us. When Breast cancer is found and treated early, over 90% of women survive. We hope you will join with us in the fight against breast cancer!



Optimism is the Faith that leads to achievement.  Nothing can be done without Hope & Confidence ~ Helen Keller

CFDRC Perky Pirates Raised
$100 Milestone Michelle Edge $165.00
Ragini Acharya $0.00
Ketan Bhatt $25.00
Meagan Bouldin $30.00
Lauren Campbell $25.00
D'Andrea Coleman $0.00
Debarun Das $25.00
Deanna Fulford $25.00
James Fulford $25.00
Harsha Teja Garimella $25.00
Charles Garson $25.00
Ashley Gilbert $25.00
Deeb Habchi $0.00
Nawal Habchi $0.00
Sami Habchi $0.00
Christie Harris $25.00
Robert Harris $25.00
Kyle Lewter $0.00
Ranjan Mehta $25.00
Austin Mituniewicz $25.00
David Newsome $25.00
Paul Northrop $0.00
Charles Olling $25.00
Kapil Pant $25.00
Conrad Patton $25.00
Erica Pinchon $25.00
Ashok Raman $25.00
Deborah Ramsey $25.00
Terri Rickman $0.00
Travis Rivord $0.00
Paulien Roos $25.00
Michael Rossi $0.00
Elise Schultz $25.00
$100 Milestone Mariana Scott $183.00
Akash Singhal $0.00
Anuj Singhal $0.00
Ruchi Singhal $0.00
Sameer Singhal $0.00
Sonia Singhal $0.00
Emma Stone $0.00
Matt Thomas $0.00
Richard Thoms $0.00
Benjamin Trimm $25.00
Rebecca Trimm $25.00
Rhys Trimm $25.00
Faye Upton $35.00
Vinod Venugopalan $0.00
Rick Wilbourn $0.00
Team Gifts $10,533.00
Denotes a Team Captain