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In 2004, I was diagnosed with IDC, had lumpectomy, followed by 6 weeks of chemo, and stayed on Tamoxifen for 5 years in hopes to decrease my chances of every having to go through anything else in the future. Wrong! In October 2016, I was told I had more than one area of DCIS but they thought it was contained and easy to remove, I chose double masectomy as to decrease my chances for future recurrences. After double masectomy, I contracted staph and cellulitis which is extremely painful. Spent 4 months on IV PIC line antibiotics around the clock. Lost my job due to they would not allow me to return to work with IV in me. 6 months after double, I went in for capsule contracture and removal of remaining infection and removal of expanders. Had to wait 3 months for body to heal before the implants were placed. Back on IV PIC line for precaution. Once they were placed, I opted to wait to let my body heal before enduring my further surgeries. In the process of the BC surgeries and healing, I ended up with shoulder issues with impingement, resulting in surgery for that. So for 18 months I endured a fight that totally changed my life. Surving and thriving classes actually got me mentally in a better place, I really needed it. Met other women going through or have already gone through the fight I was at the time. Made a fantastic sisterhood of friends.As a 2 time breast cancer survivor,  i have decided to pay it forward by making treatments a bit easier for those other cancer survivors fighting their personal fight. As a not for profit organization, we sell tees, tanks, hats and other items in order to handmade and purchase things that help patients during that stressful time. Gift bags are taken to chemo centers in Huntsville and surrounding counties and given to patients.  A group of family, friends, survivors, and fighters band together to help, so why not continue this and give back!! Everyone needs help, even if you are like me and dont ask! ! Jump in and support this great cause and help bcsurvivors4fighters.com give back!! It's so rewarding!