The Face of Breast Cancer

My diagnosis date was May 21, 2012 and a day myself, family and friends (especially Lori Warren) will probablyl never forget.  My attached picture was taken just weeks before my diagnosis.  I did not feel sick and had no idea the train wreck that was heading my way.  I was not high risk so much so that my insurance would not cover a MRI after an abnormal mammogram.  Accoridng to statistics, I should not have had breast cancer, but I now laugh and say that someone should have told that to the cancer!!  I opted for a bilateral mastectomy, my choice and I think that made it easier.  I knew that choice was right for me, but that was just me.  I am now 5 years out and so very blessed which is why I am serving as the Ribbon Run chair again this year with a dear new friend Marijane Jerauld.  We are both survivors and fighters!!!!  I hope you will join us.  I cannot imagine walking this path alone.