Registration for the 2016 Swim for Melissa is closed.

Swim for Melissa

The 11th Annual Swim for Melissa will be held on Saturday, August 6th from 9:00am to 2:00pm at the Hampton Cove Pool. It's a non-competitive swim for kids 4 to 14 years old. During the event, each child will have the opportunity to swim as many laps as possible during a 5 minute time period. Proceeds from this event benefit the Melissa George Neonatal Memorial Fund at Huntsville Hospital.

This year's proceeds will be used to purchase a Giraffe warmer and incubator, both of which provide developmentally supportive microenvironments that help preterm infants thrive; a hypothermia system, or "cooling blanket," that lowers the body temperature of an infant suffering from deprivation of oxygen and blood flow to the brain; and "Journey Bead" bracelets for parents to commemorate their baby's milestones while in the NICU.

Melissa's Fund

Amy and Chris George established Melissa's fund in memory of their daughter, Melissa Suzanne, who passed away in the RNICU at Huntsville Hospital. She and her twin sister, Ann Catherine, entered the world 14 weeks early on June 1, 2005, both of them weighing less than two pounds. Ann Catherine went on to spend 68 days in the RNICU and is now a healthy 11-year-old.

Money raised through Melissa's fund is used to purchase equipment for the RNICU, the only Level III intensive care unit for critically ill infants in the north Alabama region. The Neonatal ICU staff of four neonatologists and 110 nurses care for more than 1,000 babies from across the Tennessee Valley each year.